3 Standout Bands at Fell Foot Sound

By July 13, 2015



Tucked away in the Lake District with offerings of yurts, ale and spoken word poetry, 2015’s Fell Foot Sound promises to fill the void in the North that Beacons left when it transformed into a ‘Metro’ festival this year. With a plethora of local bands on offer for your viewing and listening pleasure, here are our picks for the acts you can’t miss this coming weekend.


Menace Beach

Courtesy Menace Beach

Menace Beach have come a long way in the past three years, and if you’ve been an avid follower of theirs from the beginning, watching them take the stage at Fell Foot will fill you with pride. For those who aren’t yet acquainted with Menace Beach, the band comprises members of Sky Larkin, You Animals, Seize the Chair and Hookworms, which brings a distinct range of musical styles into the mix. Their sound is an amalgamation between The Stone Roses and Elastica, to create a musical styling that would not feel out of place in the Madchester scene of the early ’90s.
Formed in Leeds, the band are fiercely loyal to their roots and included two gig dates in the city for their headline tour, which took place earlier this year. Prior to this you may have come across them supporting Drenge at Brudenell Social Club in 2013. Dedicated to their fanbase as they are, be sure keep checking their website for giveaways – which has recently included an alternative version of their latest album, Ratworld.


Capua Collective

Courtesy Capua Collective

Residents of Leeds will be well familiar with Capua Collective by now; with appearances ranging from low-key sets in Holbeck warehouses to supporting XXYYXX and Submotion Orchestra, the boys and girls of this constantly growing music project have certainly not been resting on their laurels. Capua’s slot at Fell Foot will follow a series of festival appearances, including last year’s Beacons and this year’s Brainchild.

The project began with two Leeds-based producers, Francis Bavetta and Jack Beattie back in 2012. Starting with just the two, the collective grew with the addition of their live band, who have become a mainstay at their shows. The band describe themselves as ‘ever evolving’, and with that philosophy it’s easy to see a bright future ahead for them. Growing from two members to seven within three years, their sound has a diverse and enduring appeal.
For those unfamiliar with Capua Collective, their set will appeal to fans of Woman’s Hour, Submotion Orchestra or Metronomy. With a presence in the North that’s consistently growing and reshaping, we’re incredibly excited to see just where the next few years take the Capua gang and their sound.



Courtesy ZoZo

Like the Capua boys, ZoZo will be performing on the Sunday, and their set is not to be missed. With a fresh and energetic sound that is often missing on the indie scene, ZoZo’s set will be a treat for fans of The Cat Empire or Cake. Thanks to their fusion of electronic and rock and roll genres mixed with a smattering of brass, we can guarantee that you won’t be standing still for this set.
If Sunday is too long a wait to hear what ZoZo have to offer, head to their bandcamp page, where you can ‘pay as you feel’ for their singles Lying in the Reeds and Backhand. Both are perfect tracks to slip into a party playlist to keep everybody on their toes. If you get bitten by the ZoZo bug and must see more after Sunday, catch them again at Tramlines later in July.

And there you have it! These delicious musical offerings should keep you sated for the whole weekend – but don’t just take our word for it. Grab your craft beer and find a space near the front to see what all the fuss is about.

Ella Healing


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