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By March 3, 2015

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Pulled Apart by Horses are a four-piece rock band hailing from Leeds. They spoke to TSOTA about the importance of local music scenes; entering the UK top 40; on-stage injuries, and advice for emerging bands.

TSOTA: PABH formed as a result of your previous [respective] bands folding. What advice would you give to musicians looking for alternative projects?
I’d highly recommend going out to more shows and getting involved in your local music scene in any way, shape or form. All local DIY music communities are the building blocks to new music and provide an invaluable resource to artists and lovers of music. GET INVOLVED!

TSOTA: Being from and forming in Leeds obviously has its benefits – but the choice for up and coming artists might be to head to London. How much of an impact would you say Leeds has had upon your style, and your careers? Would anything have moved you to the capital in the early days?
In the early days, Leeds was the foundation that eventually got us off the ground. It really did propel us forwards greatly back in 2008. So many people wanted to help us, as local labels and promoters love nothing more than to see a local band make a bit of a rumble in the city and then further across the UK. Nothing would have made us move down to London as we had no need to – everything was on our doorstep in Leeds… I guess there are a few more opportunities down south, but there is enough stuff happening up here to help any new artists to get a head start.

TSOTA: Practising above the Packhorse might not seem the most glamorous of starts to success – is there something to be said for small venues?
They’re the beating heart of live music. Without them bands/singers/DJs wouldn’t have anywhere to begin or to improve. With Rock/Punk you can’t beat a small, sweaty show as the atmosphere is always electric – and you get that adrenalin rush of being so close to the edge of chaos. But, the fact they let us practice above the pub in Leeds was a total joy that we’re massively grateful for. It’s always worth asking in your local if they’re up for it. Could save you a few pennies in the beginning.

TSOTA: What’s your favourite Leeds venue?
The Brudenell Social Club will always my answer. But I prefer not to say anything about it for those who haven’t been yet. Just go, you’ll see!

TSOTA: You’ve made a name for yourselves for performing particularly lively shows and causing a fair few injuries [amongst yourselves] – what would you say was the worst? Do you think the live shows provide another element to experiencing your music, and what would be the biggest benefit to attending a gig over listening to recordings?
I almost had my leg amputated from a really serious infection back in 2009. Reading that back sounds utterly mental actually. Jesus. I think our live shows are pretty fucking integral to everything about PABH. We’re learning more about the recording process and making records every day but the live thing can be pretty unpredictable and chaotic so it still feels really exciting.

TSOTA: Your last album entered the UK top 40. How did it feel to enter the charts? It seems like a milestone that most musicians would aim for, it’s so deeply ingrained in UK culture… Did it feel like that to you?
We never really aimed for anything like that in the beginning and didn’t set any goals or standards so when this happened we were totally overjoyed. You do daydream about stuff like that from time to time but never expect it. So when it happened we couldn’t believe it! Pretty cool but certainly doesn’t certify the quality of an act. There are bands out there selling 500 copies of records who are truly incredible artists.

TSOTA: What’s next for Pulled Apart by Horses?
Loads of stuff in the pipeline. New single, live album, festivals and then we’ll get our heads down and start a new record. Bring it on basically!

Pulled Apart by Horses are playing at Leeds University Union on 1st May.

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