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Chew The Fat: Interpreting Colour

By November 25, 2019

Art & Photography. Leeds.

From a palette of primary colours leave the blue to one side, take out a brush and mix together more red than green. The result will be the orange you see above. On the hexadecimal scale you’d find this shade listed under #FF9000, Pantone have named it 2012 C and it might just be my favourite colour.

Why? I suppose at a glance it’s healing, somewhat enriching the longer you stare. For a while it served as my desktop background image, providing a jolt of vitamin D upon lifting the lid; it’s the colour I retreat to when I close my eyes on a busy overdue, not-quite cancelled-yet First Bus; and the day I cash in that help-to-buy ISA (deadline: 30th November) is the day I paint the gates to my apricot orchard this orange hue.

Compliments where complements are due and this Striking Cyan pairs perfectly with orange. The likes of Mozilla Firefox and Fanta put this colour combination to good use in their logo design. In Monet’s Impression, Sunrise the various shades of blue make the rich orange sun pop! as it reflects over the port of La Havre.

On November 28th Chew the Fat are Interpreting Colour. Join us alongside artist Emma Hardaker, founder of Duke Studios Laura Wellington, and doctor in colour and imaging science, University of Leeds’ Vien Cheung as we talk all things colouful. Three short talks will be followed by an audience-led panel discussion where there’s no such thing as a silly question.

Want to know how to match a new mural site with a vivid palette, pair industrial textures with colourful furnishings for that modern comfortable living room, or find out about the use of yellow in 17th century churches, well follow the ticket or event link below to find out more:

Endless Island will be providing jams all night, Leeds Local & Family History library will be presenting a colour-curated exhibition made up of their collection, and of course they’ll be some tasty street-food as well.

Advanced tickets (£9/£7) include a free drinks token and doors open at 18:30. Profits from this first series of Chew The Fat talks will be split and donated between the Leeds North/West and South/East Food Banks. Hope to see you there!