Dracula Legs: Sand To The Beach / Death of Age

By November 15, 2014

Music. Leeds.

Photo: Dracula Legs – Artur, Dan, Willard, Neil & Joel


Dracula Legs are all set to perform at Leeds’ High & Lonesome Festival on November 22nd. Their new AA single is due for release on Monday 17th November.


You might be forgiven for expecting Dracula Legs to be some ponderously Gothic Cure/Bauhaus rip-offs. If you do, first- shame on you for judging on name alone. Secondly, you’re missing out. If anything they sound like an ice-cool bar band frequenting a stage somewhere in Hell! And they’re rising in Leeds……. Heartburn Destination & Cold Licks forming the two sides of an early single for Too Pure, sounding like the result of an unholy collision between Nick Cave & the Cramps. The beast first reared its head on April 11 of this year with a début official ‘ big venue’ performance at their native London’s Old Blue Last, and going by recent comments you’ve only got ten years to catch them as they want to be ‘ retired’, and are presumably looking for a nice crypt in which to spend their twilight as we speak.

We should point out, though, that they are actually human- with members from as far afield as Canada, Wales, Essex & the Midlands. Their latest musical stirrings come in the form of new AA side Sand To The Beach / Death of Age – draculalegs.bandcamp.com, released on 17th November. They’ve pitched up at Brighton’s Great Escape. Steve Lamacq’s played them on 6 Music too, as good a claim to independent fame as any! According to legend ‘they look like they sound’, too…….only one way to verify such a claim, right?

King Tuff and the Black Lips also have a role in our tale of scuzzy terror, grunge as much a part of the mix as blues & country, all three dragged kicking & screaming into the band’s coffin- then sucked dry & spat back out to create a devilishly catchy hybrid.

And so their tour bus/Creepy Coupe makes its way to the frozen wastes of the North…hold tight.

Chris Morley


Sand To The Beach / Death of Age is released on Monday 17th November. Dracula Legs will be performing at Leeds’ High & Lonesome Festival on November 22nd. Tickets available HERE

draculalegs.bandcamp.com      @draculalegs



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