Dylan Howell looks forward Scalarama 2016

By September 4, 2016

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September is here! The season of Scalarama is upon us. City wide, film enthusiasts and a host of participating venues have come together in the spirit of exhibition and celebration of film to showcase a select number of productions under the bracket of the film festival Scalarama.

What is Scalarama?

Ran by volunteers, Scalarama is a film festival that runs screenings of select films throughout the month of September, across the world, in the celebration of the art of Cinema. In Leeds, this year Scalarama, in conjunction with The State of the Arts and Idle Work factory I have had the pleasure of being invited to cover a select few of the events reviewing both audience response and the films themselves. Here are just a couple of the events that I’m looking forward to:

Paul Sharits 

Hyde Park Picture House, Tuesday 6th September 

A documentary profiling the life and times of the highly prolific and iconic experimental film auteur Paul Sharits. Told through the use of never before seen archival footage, interviews with individuals from the avant garde scene and historians, the film explores the influences and almost visceral progression that Sharit’s work took on during his brief time on earth. Hosted by the historic Hyde Park Picture House this is one not to be missed.

Saturday Night Sunday Morning presented by Idle Work Factory

Hyde Park Book Club, Saturday 10th September

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down. That’s the one thing you learn. What I’m out for is a good time. All the rest is propaganda.” – Albus Finney as Arthur Seaton, Saturday Night Sunday Morning.

Hosted at the amazing Hyde Park Book Club with spoken-word street poetry by Nymphs and Thugs founder Matt Abbot, the Idle Work Factory presents this iconic classic of British working class cinema.

Set within working class Nottingham, the story of Saturday Night Sunday Morning follows a young Arthur Seaton (Albus Finney), a charismatic factory worker and the audiences eponymous hero, who rebels against society’s standards by spending his free time drinking and pursuing both married and single women alike. The archetype for the ‘kitchen-sink drama’, the film is often touted as a corner stone of British Cinema as well as being highly influential on the British New Wave Scene and the development of modern cinema.

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land with director Q&A

Hyde Park Picture House, Tuesday 13th September

Famed for his music career spanning decades, the film follows the iconic Gary Numan as he and his family prepare to move from his home in the UK to sunny LA. A touching portrayal of the impact that his wife Gemma had on his life, Numan touches on what it is like to live with Assbergers Syndrome and the fear and anxiety he often faces when embarking on a new project as he re-enters the studio for the first time in years.  Another event hosted in conjunction with the historic and beautiful Hyde Park Picture house, with a director Q&A after the screening, this is a real chance for casual and hardcore fans alike to gain an insight into the life of an icon and the production process behind such a candid documentary.

Double Bill! Giuseppe Makes a Movie + Garbanzo Gas

Wharf Chambers, Wednesday the 14th September

Often when talking about child or teen film stars we as an audience tend to focus primarily only on the successes or the horror stories of the individuals, actors like Chrisitan Bale, Corey Feldman, River Phoenix, Natalie Portman et al.. But what about the stars who never quite reached the heights of fame as their peers and who’s careers moved away from a more prominent place within the spotlight? Championed by (Scour films) and hosted at the wonderful Wharf Chambers, this double bill special, highlights the works of DIY filmmaker and musician Giuseppe Andrews.

Having starred in big budget blockbusters as a young adult such as “Independence day” and “Detroit City Rock” Andrew’s has since made and appeared in an astounding 40+ films himself. With many of his own productions having little to no budget, Andrew’s lack of rehearsal time and shoot on the day mentality provides a riotous and raw approach to film making. One of these stories and part of our double bill is Garbanzo Gas (2007), a feature film starring local homeless people from his hometown in which a cow wins an all expenses paid holiday sponsored by a slaughterhouse.

The following feature Giuseppe Makes a Movie (2014) is a raw documentary into the production of Garbanzo Gas that explores the style of Giuseppe Andrew’s work and the relationships and community he has fostered with the people that he works with. I. Can’t. Wait.

Idle Work Factory presents Open Film Night

Hyde Park Book Club, Wednesday 28th September

Due to increasing demand and growth of community spirit, Idle Work Factory and gracious hosts Hyde Park Book Club present their now monthly Open Film Night, an exhibition and celebration of local artistic and film talent spread over one evening. Designed for students, professionals and independents alike the Idle Work Factory aims to move away from the competitive nature of film festival idealism, fostering a communal not cut-throat identity for creatives in the heart of Leeds. For submissions please find us on facebook @Idleworkfactory or email [email protected].

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