Everyman cinema – review

Situated on the top floor of the Trinity Shopping Centre, the Leeds branch of the Everyman cinema has achieved considerable success in the year or so for which it has been open. What’s more, even though it’s part of a larger chain, it offers something so different from the traditional cinematic experience that I believe it deserves a place in one of these articles.

The first thing you’re likely to notice about the Everyman is its seating; instead of your regular gum-stained flip-chairs, it has row upon row of sofas for you to sit on (or fall asleep on if the film is particularly dull). The novelty of this alone is a great crowd-pleaser, but the amount of leg room it results in should seal the deal. However, the low back rests on them do mean that watching any film over two and a half hours long is likely to result in spinal injuries.

The screens are a little bit smaller than at your standard multiplex, but the picture and sound quality is still great, so in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t really all that important. What’s more, at the back of each room you’ll also find a bar, from which drinks (alcoholic and soft) can be bought without you having to miss the film.

It’s impossible to talk about this place without mentioning the fact that it has a fully-functioning pizzeria and bar downstairs. Not only is the food on offer surprisingly good for something you buy in a cinema, they’re also pretty reasonably priced. You can even get a wooden board and take them in to eat while you’re watching the movie. Furthermore, on Mondays every cinema ticket comes with a free pizza, which is close to a perfect combination as man has invented.

This kind of offer could prove vital, however, because at £12 a pop tickets are a tad expensive. This becomes especially apparent when compared to prices at independent cinemas in Leeds, such as Cottage Road and the Hyde Park Picture House, who on top of their lower prices also offer student discounts. Yes, it’s the classiest cinema you’re likely to sit in so you do get what you pay for, but at this sort of price, a trip to the Everyman might be an occasional treat rather than a weekly event.

All things considered, the Everyman cinema is like a good steak; it’s nice, it goes well with a drink, but you probably shouldn’t have it every night.

Adam Button

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