Preview: Headingley Lit Fest 2016

Headingly-Lit-FestThe ninth (yes, the ninth) LitFest will begin at Salvo’s Salumeria at 7pm on Monday 29 February (Dinner with Petrarch).

There will then be a plethora of events on all things literary for nearly a month, culminating in the Poetry Gala at Lawnswood School on Tuesday 22nd March.

If you have not yet got a printed brochure on your fridge / coffee table, you can keep ahead of the crowd and look at a pdf version here.

Whether you are an author, poet, reader or all of the above, you will be sure to find events to suit all tastes.

Due to demand, booking tickets in advance is recommended. This applies particularly to Dinner with Petrarch (29 February), Eat with Adonis (7 March), Ken Livingstone (8 March 1pm for 1.30pm Leeds University Union) and Pitch and Pen (Saturday 19 March), because these either take place in smaller venues or are likely to be sold out. Most other events will have tickets available on the door. You can find out what is where and when on the website.

You can also follow the eventĀ on Twitter at @HeadingleyLit or comment on the Facebook page.