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By September 17, 2015

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On their Twitter bio, TRASH describe themselves as ‘4 losers writing noisy pop songs’, but with their growing success over the past few months, this self-deprecating moniker might just have to be retired. When I caught up with Evan, Tom, Brad and Daniel, they had just come from supporting Cast and were due to support Ratboy the following night; I managed to steal some time from their busy schedule to talk musical idols, Hilary Clinton and ripping off Yuck.

TSOTA: First of all, how did you all meet?
Daniel: Me and Tom were in a band called Stay Happy, a three piece, but that band has become a bit like the ex girlfriend you don’t speak about. Me and Tom left that band because we weren’t very happy in it, which is ironic given the name. I knew Brad and Evan from school and we formed TRASH. I knew Evan could play guitar really well, I knew Brad could play drums.
Evan: And Tom wouldn’t stop messaging me on Facebook so I had to join.

TSOTA: You’re from Chesterfield, how does the music scene in Leeds compare to your hometown?
[Tom laughs]
Brad: There is no music scene in Chesterfield. TRASH is the music scene.
Tom: There’s a lot of cover bands. That’s a scene.
Daniel: Yeah the cover band scene is massive. There’s one place in Chesterfield called Real Time and they just put on tribute acts. There’s a Kasabian one coming up.

TSOTA: What are the influences on your music style?
Daniel: We really like JAWS. Right at the beginning I really liked them but we’ve been together for a year and a half now so I think we’ve developed our own style.
Brad: If someone asked what we sounded like, it would definitely be Yuck. I remember listening to our first album and realising we’d ripped them off.

TSOTA: Favourite band you’ve played alongside?
Brad: Happiness are really good.
Daniel: I liked playing with North Side, they’ve got a good Britpop vibe.
Brad: Snoop Dogg, why not?
Daniel: We played on the same line up as Snoop Dogg, over a three day period. That sort of counts.

TSOTA: Hypothetically, what band/artist would be your dream to collaborate with?
Daniel: R Kelly. He’s like our hero.
Brad: Even though he’s a sex offender.
Daniel: The amount of times we’ve listened to the Ignition remix this year is getting into the hundreds.

TSOTA: Where can you see the band going in five years’ time?
Brad: ASDA.
[They all laugh]
Daniel: Seriously though, we want to do an album and just continue to support the bands we like.

TSOTA: What’s your favourite music festival?
Brad: Creamfields.
Daniel: Y Not is good for young people, young people who just want to spend £90 and see a good few bands.

TSOTA: Who would win in a fight: Charlie Sheen or Hillary Clinton?
Tom: Charlie Sheen’s nearly dead, so Hillary.
Daniel: Not sure who she is.
Tom: You don’t know Hillary Clinton?
Daniel: I’ve seen her on Twitter.
Tom: Got to be Hillary Clinton. Clinton all the way.

TSOTA: Who would you rather fight: a duck the size of Morrissey or ten duck-sized Morrisseys?
Brad: The duck sized Morrisseys. Morrissey would be easy to beat, you could just throw a steak at him.

TSOTA: Given the choice, what superpower would you choose to have?
[After deliberating for a while, the whole band agreed that they would like to produce McDonald’s ice cream out of nowhere, on demand.]

Catch TRASH supporting Crushed Beaks in Sheffield on October 11th, and at their headline show in Preston later in the year.

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