Jill McKnight – ‘Confabulations’ @ Hyde Park Art Club

Hyde Park Art Club are excited to present Jill McKnight’s solo show ‘Confabulations’! The exhibition will open on the 11th of October, with a private view on the 2nd of November. Keep an eye on the Hyde Park Art Club Instagram page for updates and details.

Stories have been told since even before humans learned to read and write. Fairytales and folk tales are passed on through the generations, helping us navigate the world as we grow. Symbols, themes and characters from fairytales are often so embedded in culture or family values that they cannot be separated. We see ourselves reflected in them. Through them, we understand ourselves more fully and find commonality with others. In Confabulations McKnight’s new works follow memories from the artist’s upbringing as fabricated stories. A confabulation happens when a gap in a person’s memory is filled with a fictional memory. A confabulator is someone bringing the imaginary into conversation with the real.

Jill McKnight (b.1990) is an artist based in Leeds and from Sunderland working across sculpture, writing, installation and print. Central to their practice is exploring their working-class, feminist and artistic lineages to tell stories that would otherwise be lost or overlooked. Sculpture-making in an increasingly digitised world is considered alongside other forms of production, from traditional manufacturing industries to domestic routines.