Juno Books: A Vibrant Hub of Culture, Equality, and Literature

Juno Books, 26-28 Chapel Walk, Sheffield (Credit: Dominika Wochowska)

While exploring the bustling city centre of Sheffield and getting lost in the charming atmosphere of the narrow, picturesque walkways that hide intriguing narratives, one can truly be enchanted by a thought-provoking experience. Leisurely wandering through these paths, one may discover fragments of the city’s remarkable history and diverse culture, which have shaped Sheffield into the delightful place it is today. This exploration of hidden gems leads us to Chapel Walk, a narrow street where one can immerse oneself in a unique cultural experience like no other. Throughout its evolution over the centuries, Chapel Walk witnessed the city’s growth playing a vital role in its ongoing quest for equality shaping the walkway into a vibrant, inclusive space that embraces all cultures. To this day, the walkway fosters diverse local businesses and sparks inspiring conversations by hosting community events that unite people from all walks of life.

Exploring Chapel Walk, one could not notice a colourful and friendly-looking independent bookshop, Juno Books, which fits perfectly into the character of the place. As its two founders, Rosie and Sarah, put it: “[It was] born of the love of literature, passion for inclusive and intersectional feminism, and the desire to support marginalised voices”, Juno Books is a queer and feminist community bookshop offering a safe and welcoming place for readers. “It is a beautiful thing to offer validation and comfort to people,” say the owners, whose idea of opening a vibrant bookshop contributed to the creation of a fantastic community hub that resolves around culture and opens up many opportunities for daytime queer activities where every voice is heard and understood.

(Credit: Dominika Wochowska)

Sarah and Rosie are firmly committed to supporting lesser-known writers by showcasing the finest works from local and independent publishers, connecting diverse communities, celebrating the exploration of personal identities, continuous learning, and fostering genuine inclusivity. The idea of opening a bookshop emerged during the pandemic, and one of the primary goals became bringing people together, which felt particularly relevant during the challenging times. As the intention behind the establishment was to create a lively and bustling space, it is worth noting that Chapel Walk itself also greatly benefited from it.

Juno Books has added a new narrative to the location at 26-28 Chapel Walk, which had played a significant role in Sheffield’s battle for equality through a pivotal hub for the suffragette movement, promoting equality and women’s rights starting from 1908. As the owners say, “When we opened Juno Books, we didn’t know about the history of this place. It was a special surprise for us. (…) A plaque on the outside commemorates the building as a suffragettes’ shop and Women’s Social and Political Union. Also located in this place was A. B. Ward’s Bookshop, commemorated in the new store.” As the new owners describe, the shop was a two-story establishment and closed its doors in the 1970s.

(Credit: Dominika Wochowska)

As one can see, the location of Juno Books can contribute to the overall atmosphere and customer experience. When asked if the owners often get customers asking about the place’s past, they answer that it has happened. Sarah and Rosie are happy to talk about the current character of the area and its feminist influences spreading words and experiences not always heard by the mainstream.

Having gained insights into this lively establishment’s vibrant and diverse nature, which actively promotes cultural diversity and hosts LGBTQ+ events, it was also valuable to ask about the founders’ future aspirations and plans. They highlighted that they’d love to “… expand our shop and create even more space for our events, as we have so many ahead of us!”. In terms of more short-term goals they “…plan to expand [their] online store to include more than just books. [If] that is gadgets or gifts.” but overall they reiterated: “We have big plans for the future! The plans are very exciting!”


Be sure to go and check our Juno Books on Chapel Walk in Sheffield, as well as their website and instagram.

They have some wonderful upcoming events such as:

  • In conversation with… Hannah Trevarthen about her book ‘Porn: An Oral History’ (Fitzcarraldo) , hosted by Polly Barton, on Wednesday 5th July at 7 pm. You can get your tickets here!


  • In conversation with… Jess Kidd about her recent novel, ‘The Night Ship’, coinciding with its paperback publication, on Tuesday 11th July at 7 pm. You can get your tickets here!

(Credit: Dominika Wochowska)