Red’s True Barbecue – The New Testament

By July 17, 2014

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[Image: © True Barbeque]

Praise the lord and pass the old fashioneds, there’s a new Red’s in town!

If you, like me, have ever rolled up to Red’s True Barbecue in town in what you thought was suitably early enough to get a table only to be told that there will be no tables available until eleven, rejoice! For a new place to queue until eleven is due to open as of… well, almost now.

Credit where it is due, though, as Red’s has been doing it low and slow to great success for the last couple of years, creating meatocentric meals of fall apart tender pulled pork, vaporise in the mouth brisket and ribs so sticky they will, figuratively, stick to your ribs. And this is the season of the barbecue so… I dare say you will be slavering at the very thought of sinking your teeth into a rack or two or going medieval on a whole beer can chicken. They also do sides, by way of an aside. So there’s a good reason for the lack of table availability, even though they advertise ‘free smells’ – tantalizing torture, if you ask me.

All said, what would you say if I told you that you could get your eager paws on some FREE BARBECUE at the new Headingley restaurant? And that they’d be having live bands playing on the roof for your delectation while you get your queue for ‘cue on? Interested? Wanna get my hand out of your mouth? Thank you. Let’s talk times.

This Thursday (17th July) at 6.30, Red’s will be opening for whoever gets there on time and will be dishing out the meat to the lucky multitudes until THERE IS NO MORE LEFT to celebrate the opening of this new restaurant. They will also be having JJ Rosa (soul), Junkhouse Dog (blues), The Kentucky Cow Tippers (bluegrass) and Rat On The Roof (finger picking good) playing up top. So: I would recommend you get yourself camped out nice and early, pray that the weather holds and… hope those smokers hold a lot of meat. See you there, saving the rapture or appalling Headingley parking…

Rob Wright

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