Review: New Adventures’ ‘Edward Scissorhands’ at Sadler’s Wells Theatre

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If you are in London now, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go and watch the ballet version of Edward Scissorhands at Sadler’s Wells Theatre.

We all know the story: a romantic – and more actual – version of Prometheus, Edward was created by a scientist in an attempt to fill his empty existence. Before he can finish his creation by giving Edward the final touch – his hands – the scientist dies, leaving Edward alone in the mansion with absolutely no knowledge about the world.

This ballet from New Adventures is dynamic and full of color. The only “dark” element is Edward: a misfit, alone and misplaced in a town full of eccentric people who, at the beginning, are scared of him, then fascinated by him and his creativity and, finally, bully and blame him for things he didn’t do (or didn’t mean to do).

As in most, the ballet doesn’t have any dialogue or songs, but they’re not needed; the dancers make the ballet theatrical and the story so fluid that words seem unnecessary.


 “Beautiful beyond words”



The music, which accompanies the whole story, is played by a live orchestra and the music, written by Danny Elfman for the original film, creates the perfect atmosphere for the ballet: innocent at moments, disturbing at others, and in sync with Edwards’s emotions throughout.

The dancers/actors are the ones who give the performance its plausibility, particularly Dominic North who plays Edward (sharing this role over the duration of the run with Liam Mower). North’s performance is a real “tour de force”, giving different shades to the character and making Edward a reality: a character for whom you feel sympathy but also tender towards.

The final dance between Edward and Kim (Katy Lowenhoff) is incredibly and technically difficult and both dancers accomplish synchronised movements without using their hands. Beautiful beyond words.

Edward Scissorhands is a highly recommended ballet for you to enjoy during this Winter season.

Lucía Vázquez


Edward Scissorhands’ is at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London until 11th January 2015.

For more information check out the theatre’s website here and follow New Adventures @New_Adventures



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