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By March 1, 2015

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I recently stumbled across one of Leeds’ most undeniably unique and eclectic bands, who offer something totally different wrapped up in an addictive rhythm. Their musical mash up of genres really pulls them out of an already crowded music scene here in Leeds. LS6 Cafe in Hyde Park played host to Kalyan, whose eight members and original sound create a fresh feeling that appeals to such a wide range of people. They blend cool Jazz, Dub and Soul, driven forward by their lead singer Violet’s velvety vocals. She possesses an air of cool confidence with such a soulful voice perfect for the jazz scene, which mixes effortlessly alongside this melting pot of genres.

Violet stands close to a fantastic duo, the trumpet and the saxophone players whose work flows together exquisitely in sync producing great fluid chemistry. Collectively this band encourages all audience members to feel their energetic buzz which quickly compelled me to move to the rhythm of their infectious beat.

Kalyan attracted a very large group of followers, with crowds spilling out of LS6 Cafe, those on the outside curiously catching a glimpse of them from the windows. Those lucky enough to fit inside were soon becoming first class contortionists fitting in like pieces of a game of Tetris. I myself was literally inches away from having the saxophone in my face, although this didn’t dampen any part of their performance or my night at all. It made their live performance feel more engaging and intimate even if my ears were ringing afterwards.

Kalyan offer audiences a very chilled yet exciting range of music which will definitely have you dancing by the end of their session and coming away with their catchy choruses in your head long after the gig has ended. They offered an eight-song set which, to me, seemed to have finished all too quickly, as I was left craving more.



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If you didn’t get a chance to catch Kalyan at Flux last week there are always more chances to see them perform in Leeds. Their next gig will be at the Belgrave Music Hall, performing there for the Swimming In event at 7pm on Thursday the 5th March. It will be a night of collaboration of art and music, with live bands including Kalyan as the third act and video artists with art projected onto the walls of the venue. It’s £4 advance and tickets are available at Crash and Jumbo Records.

If you miss this event they will also be playing at Leeds’ Warf Chambers on Thursday 12th March for
the Skate Pal fundraiser.


Holly Ridge

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