Scouting for Girls: So lovely!

By January 7, 2016

Music. Leeds.


Scouting for Girls burst on stage with their first song of their set, Bad Superman. Roy Stride, the lead singer, was magical from the moment he stepped on stage. His singing was incredible, but what really grabbed my attention was the energy he had.

Mike Dignam, their supporting act, interacted with the audience and performed well, but there’s a star quality about Roy Stride that is particularly overwhelming. It’s almost as if Scouting for Girls fans are his friends, and he cheekily sang to the audience as if each lyric was an in-joke only true fans would understand.

The band played a whole range of their classics, and some songs from their new album, Still Thinking About You. Surprisingly, though, they also played some older tracks such as 1+1 and Posh Girls, which most fans won’t have heard them play live before. I’ve seen Scouting for Girls a few times now, but this was without a doubt my favourite live performance of theirs.

When the band reappeared in Christmas jumpers (particular shout-out to drummer Pete who dressed as a turkey and still managed to play faultlessly), the audience were truly in the palm of their hands and the atmosphere was electric. We were all singing along to their hits and having the time of our lives!

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