See / Hear / Read #5 : Interview with David Firth

As part of our ‘See/Hear/Read’ series, The State of the Arts has launched its very own podcast. Our podcast episodes will feature interviews and showcase artists and creative thinkers in the North of England. In each episode, we’ll hear a new artist speak about their work and the world of the arts in general.

In our second episode, we spoke to David Firth, creator of Salad Fingers, MC Devvo, Locust Toybox and much more.

David Firth is an animator, writer, musician and multi-disciplined artist from Yorkshire whose work gained him a cult following in the 2000’s and millions of YouTube views since.

We discussed his creative process, his motivations and his journey as an artist, as well as indie music, Northern humour and the ‘golden period’ of animation. You can access David’s material and see what he’s up to via his Patreon here. 

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The State of the Arts
See / Hear / Read #5 : Interview with David Firth