Artistic collective ‘The Follies of Youth’ launch new publication


The latest Follies of Youth project comes to a head this Friday with the launch of their new publication, Futures Past. Founded by Pavilion in 2012, The Follies of Youth is a network of emerging artists, curators, designers and researchers based in Leeds. As an initiative, The Follies of Youth aims to address the need for better professional development in the Visual Arts.

The project is part of About Time, the satellite programme of contemporary art that coincides with the launch of the British Art Show 8. About Time is supported by Arts Council England and Leeds inspired, and has been curated by Mexico, Pavilion and SPUR in partnership with artists and arts organisations across Leeds. The programme is underpinned by an ever growing interest in the relationship between art and globalisation. New technology is enabling high speed electronic communication, and allowing for the rapid circulation of ideas and objects around the globe, in turn bringing spaces and people closer together. Locally, Leeds’ technological future is advancing expeditiously, leaving behind the former textile mills that were once at the forefront of Leeds’ trade and industry.

With the domination of technology, and the ever-increasing demands of consumption, About Time focuses on how might we ‘slow down’ and enable new ways of looking and thinking about the future.

Over the duration of About Time, a group of emerging artists, writers and curators have been working with curator and writer Lara Eggleton to produce a new publication that explores the About Time themes.

Futures Past is a collaborative publication, exploring how post-industrial advancements have changed the way we experience and value time. Picking up on historic themes such as Leeds’ lost trams, the ill fated fabric Crimplene, and antiquated time machines, the Follies imagine possible futures through the lens of the past.

At the publication launch, guests will be invited to assemble and take away their own free copy of Futures Past. A selection of prints and video works will be on display, and visitors will receive a complimentary drink while supplies last.

Futures Past is edited by Lara Eggleton and designed by Anna Peaker, with contributions by Alice Chandler, Lucy Courtney-Clegg, D’arcy Darlimaz, Pippa Eason, Clemency Jones, Terence Lister, Hayley Reid, Marta Saccavino, Loïs Soleil, Carol Sorhaindo, Emily Towler and Sunny Vowles.

Join the Follies 6-8pm at The Brunswick, Leeds. For more information visit