TSOTA’s Top 5: Artists & Exhibitions of 2014

By December 7, 2014

Art & Photography. Leeds.

[Image: Tempered, Distended, Folded, Suspended, Peter Suchin, 2003]


Leading up to Christmas, the TSOTA Team have been compiling some December Top 5s. This week we gave you…



1. 13th Witness Photography
www.13thwitness.com   @13thwitness

13th Witness

Image courtesy & copyright 13th Witness

Suggestion from Leeds’ photographer Tom Joy:

“13th Witness and Trash Hand are almost equal in my Top 5 ratings. They’re incredible photographers with a care free persona. I’m amazed by the variety captured by these photographers and it keeps me motivated to keep my horizons broad with regards to photography subjects. I enjoy shooting different content and it’s inspiring to know the people I aspire to are on such a wide platform.”


2. ‘A Critical Contagion in the Quiet of the Night’ by Peter Suchin, exhibition at &Model Gallery
www.andmodel.com   @AndmodelLeeds


Tempered, Distended, Folded, Suspended, (c) Peter Suchin, 2003

Suggestion from TSOTA contributor Madeleine Walton

Back in May, Helena Wallace reviewed the exhibition at &Model Gallery for TSOTA:
“This is the first time that the gallery, which is relatively new to the Leeds art scene, has devoted the entire space to exhibiting a single artist’s works, and it certainly seems to have paid off.”

Read the full review


3. Steve Larder Illustration 
www.stevelarder.co.uk    @SteveLarder

Steve Larder

Image courtesy and copyright Steve Larder

Suggestion from TSOTA contributor Kimberly Cripps

Steve Larder is an illustrator and Author of the autobiographical comic-zine, ‘Rum Lad’. He sells a selection of comic-zines, art & illustration prints and much more. 


4. Nicola Hanrahan- Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer  
www.nicolahanrahan.co.uk    @NicolaHanrahan

Nicola Hanrahan

Image courtesy & copyright Nicola Hanrahan

Suggestion from TSOTA Team

Back in May, Kate interviewed Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer Nicola Hanrahan.

“…Nicola illustrated a series of paintings based on British garden birds with traditional British biscuits and cakes. Everything she produces is designed and made in the UK, including all printed fabric and woven labels.”

Read the full interview


5. Daniel Buren Works in Situ – Exhibition at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
www.balticmill.com  @balticmill

Image 2

Image courtesy of the Baltic Centre

Suggestion from TSOTA Team.

Last month Olivia June Bambrough reviewed Daniel Buren’s ‘works in situ’ at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art:

‘Wandering in and out of Buren’s hued levels as one of three or four onlookers was phenomenal. And I don’t mean to use this divine word in relation to aesthetics, however the level of awareness of personal experience and consciousness encouraged by Daniel Buren in ‘Catch as catch can: Works in situ’ permits only that word…’

Revisit Olivia’s review of the exhibiton


Other nominations from the team…

Henri Matisse: The Cut Outs – Tate Modern

Trash Hand (Photographer)

Abselm Keifer – Royal Academy

The Brown Lazer Art

Walead Beshty A Partial Disassembling of an Invention Without a Future: Helter-Skelter and Random Notes in Which the Pulleys and Cogwheels Are Lying Around at Random All Over the Workbench – Barbican



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