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By May 23, 2015


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Fast paced and with a real sense of intensity. Fans of the frenetic punk four-piece, Brawlers, might think I’m just talking about their sound and stage presence here. Instead, I’m actually referring to the quick fire interview we’ve just been part of. If you’ve listened to their track Two Minutes, you’ll know that frontman Harry proclaims ‘I’ve got two minutes to make you love me’. So on a pit-stop in between European tour dates, we caught up with the man himself to put that to the test.


TSOTA: Brawlers have had an exceptional year so far, what do you put your success down to?
HJ: Being really good looking.


TSOTA: In the past, you’ve said that the band felt like four friends having good fun, how does it feel now you’re being held in such high regard?
HJ: Like four friends having good fun. Nothing changes because we tour more – we’re friends first and foremost.


TSOTA: Currently, you’re out of the country on a European tour. How would you compare UK audiences to audiences on the continent?
HJ: They are definitely more drunk, perhaps friendlier. They definitely are more open minded about liking an opening band they’ve probably not heard of before!


TSOTA: Since you’ve been regularly performing to fans in far off places, do you still see yourselves as a ‘Leeds’ band?
HJ: Nope. We love Leeds and it’s been great to our old bands, but Brawlers has never been a Leeds band. Aside from Nath at the Brudenell, no one has ever asked us to play or had much faith in us in Leeds.


TSOTA: How would you describe the current state of the music scene in Leeds?
HJ: That’s a tough questions because very often in Leeds people mistake “being friends” with “liking somebodies band”.
Bands I like listening to are Eagulls (who I don’t know personally) and Forever Cult (who are friends but also good).

TSOTA: We’ve all been talking about politics recently, what would be in Brawlers’ manifesto?
HJ: Be good or be gone.

TSOTA: Who is the most relaxed band member on the tour-bus? Why?
HJ: Ant (bass) because he doesn’t feel emotions like normal people, again – if you’re really good mates and you’re being paid to travel with them and drink heaps of free beer, what’s to stress about?




TSOTA: Who is the most highly strung member on the tour-bus? Why?
HJ: Probably me – because I worry the most. About everything. I should learn from the other boys in Brawlers to just enjoy the now sometimes and forget about tomorrow.

TSOTA: With a name like Brawlers, you must have at least one outrageous anecdote you can share…?
HJ: First show we ever played in a venue i punched a guy for grabbing my glasses and face mid-set. we’re not into unneccesary violence though, we’d rather spread good vibes at a show than negative.

TSOTA: What should we be looking forward to from Brawlers in the coming months?
HJ: More tours! A vinyl release too!

Sinclair Belle

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