An Interview with Eiger’s Ben Corkhill ahead of No Fun Intended

By April 20, 2015

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No Fun Intended is a weekend festival taking place at the forward thinking Eiger Studios this weekend which will feature northern and even UK exclusives from some pretty big names. Ahead of this weekend’s all-day-and-late-night partying TSOTA writer Paddy Garrigan spoke to Ben Corkhill, the man in charge of all things Eiger, about plans for the weekender and the vibe at Eiger Studios at the moment…


TSOTA: Hi Ben! So, first of all, how are things at Eiger at the moment? It always seems like a busy, creative place to be.
BC: Hi Paddy! All is very well at Eiger thanks! It’s been the busiest start to the year we’ve ever had, so plenty going on. There are pretty much no boundaries on what we and other people can do here, so yes, it’s always an interesting place to be.


TSOTA: Eiger is really good at being present on social media – is that just a reflection of what’s important in terms of promoting a business at the moment?
BC: Well, I’m glad you think so! For me, interaction with your customers on a personal level is a key part of running things successfully, and social media allows businesses to do that with a really positive effect.


TSOTA: There’ve been more and more gigs, weekenders and events at Eiger – how is it having the space full of people having a great time?
BC: It’s a great feeling having the place being used by people who really care about what they’re doing. We work hard down here to provide quite a personal service for whoever is using it, whether it’s a two hour rehearsal or a weekender event, and to have people enjoying themselves is really satisfying on that level.


TSOTA: Which have been your favourite events that Eiger have hosted lately?
BC: Personally speaking, ‘kin Hell Fest and the Yorkshire Riffer all dayers last year were big highlights, and there’s a bi-monthly Northern Soul night which is always great to work, but I enjoy pretty much all the events that take place here. Even if the music isn’t my cup of tea or whatever, it’s the people and atmospheres that make the venue an ace place to be.




TSOTA: So, what’s the idea behind (and the plans for!) No Fun Intended?
BC: The idea was simply to bring something good to Leeds for the extreme community. Being a fan and playing in bands myself, I love the general vibe that a weekender creates, and it’s always a big social occasion for people in the area, a lot of whom are friends and also play in bands etc. At first I’d intended just to have UK bands on the bill, but when the opportunity to get Noothgrush and Agrimonia came up, I simply couldn’t turn that down. The overall plan is to have a great big extreme metal party with some quality bands and plenty of good times.


TSOTA: Which bands are you most looking forward to catching that weekend?
BC: Simple: all of them!


TSOTA: Will No Fun Intended return to Eiger again in the future?
BC: I sincerely hope it will. Watch this space…


There is loads more information about No Fun Intended on the Facebook event page

*There are still a few tickets available HERE*

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