Artbeat: Tanmay Saxena, founder of unisex fashion label LaneFortyfive

By April 5, 2016


Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 22.57.24Unisex fashion is all the rage at the moment, especially with wider discussions on issues of gender and fluidity. However, what makes London based label LaneFortyfive so distinct is that it’s the clothes themselves that make a statement. Beautifully cut and designed, stylish and with a retro character, I was keen to find out more about the founder Tanmay Saxena and what made him tick… and wasn’t disappointed.

Describe London in three words

Monochromatic, liberating, a daydream

What/ who inspired you to do what you do?

There isn’t a single instance or situation, or a singular personality that inspired me. History, films, film-characters, stories, some real-life people I know, fabrics, manual labor, observations are some of the things that inspire me. As a kid growing up, I often watched my father get ready for work, and he always folded his shirt cuffs up till above the elbows even when he hadn’t stepped out of the house for work. That is just a single example but observing something like that has at some point inspired me surely with my designs and styling, and I do like to observe a lot.

What was the song of your youth?

‘If I ever lose my faith in you’ by Sting

What do you love about what you do? 

The ability to express yourself and be appreciated for that. The clothes I design and make are meant to be part of your day to day life. As such, in a way I have a chance to be part of someone’s life on a day to day basis. It sounds highly philosophical, but it’s true if you look at it closely. The fact that something you make for someone would form a relationship with the wearer is very satisfying too.

And hate?

Yet to encounter that one.

What makes London’s arts and culture scene unique to you?

The pace of it seems perfect to me. It’s out there and not in your face at the same time. There is something for almost everyone, all genres. And a new shock to your senses to spur them on is never too far.

Who should we be keeping an eye out for on the arts and culture scene? 

I’m loving Joe Strouzer at the moment; he’s a young British Blues singer/songwriter who sounds like he’s come straight out of New Orleans. Art-wise, London-based Kiwi artist David Le Fleming whose large scale portraits took my breath away and James Mylne who works primarily with biro pens: his drawings are unbelievable!

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? 

Long time back I dipped a new pair of leather boots in diesel, not knowing what the end result would look like. The boots looked great after that, but my feet smelled of diesel for a while.

Share something about you that would surprise us! 

I have never been to Brighton.

What’s your favorite spot in London? 

Hard to pick one. Lower Marsh in Waterloo, simply going by the current mood.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram? 

There are many, in no particular order: TIMESGONEBY, KJERZYKPHOTO, m.c.bristow, jamesjonathant, thenomadicgent, ignore.and.continue, thebonewitch, marie_travels

What’s the last country you visited? 


Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? 

I love this question…. Think I’d go for Christoph Waltz
What are you doing after this interview? 

Watching cricket

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