Artbeat: Jamie Morton, creator of the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast

By December 22, 2015


ev.owa-10I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about this week’s interview! I found a podcast that changed my life – it’s been so popular since its release having stormed into the iTunes podcast Top 10, 5 star ratings and the like. Never have my commutes been so entertaining to the point I have legitimately LOL-ed in public. The podcast is My Dad Wrote A Porno and I feel super privileged to have had an exchange with its creator, Jamie Morton. Jamie is a writer and director, having been a part of shows like the X Factor and The Apprentice (both of which are pretty awesome). But My Dad Wrote A Porno is something special, so have a read, then have a listen!

Describe London in three words.

Diversity, Opportunity, Home 

What/ who inspired you to do what you do?

Well, when my dad first told me he was writing a novel, I thought it was an amazing idea. Always nice to have your parents be creative in their retirement. It was only when I read the sample pages he sent to me last Christmas time that I discovered it was porn. From reading the first chapter alone I knew it was gold. I decided to read it out to my best mates from uni at our annual Christmas dinner and we had such a good time we thought it would be funny to record it in some way. James, Alice and I have worked together on side projects ever since university, including our web series Neighbours, so it was a natural fit to work with them on the podcast.

What was the song of your youth?

The song of my youth would probably be a choral Christmas hymn called The Angel’s Carol by John Rutter. The story behind that rather obscure and random song is actually Rocky. Dad has a habit of playing a song he likes over and over until you literally want to slice your ears off. Recently it was ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit. One particular summer holiday – yes summer holiday, we were driving to Spain as a family and dad had made a CD for the journey. This CD consisted of The Angel’s Carol and only The Angel’s Carol. I mean, he made a CD with the same song about 15 times. And he played it the whole way to Malaga. I still can’t listen to it without being transported right back to my childhood.

What do you love about what you do?

The thing I love the most about doing the podcast is probably that I get to hang out with two of my best friends (James Cooper and BBC Radio 1’s Alice Levine) and have a laugh every week. It’s such a bizarre thing to have happen to you (your dad writing porn) that it’s a great coping mechanism to share the experience with others. And also getting my dad’s writing, however weird, out there is also pretty awesome. The man deserves an audience, if not a knighthood!

And hate?

Hate would be a strong word, but it’s probably the amount of work that goes into it. At first we kind of underestimated the burden of getting an episode out each week but it’s actually quite an undertaking. Fitting it around our day jobs has been a challenge and because I edit the podcast there feels to always be a deadline hanging over my head. But it’s all worth it when it comes out and we see the response it receives.

What makes London’s arts and culture scene unique to you?

What I love about London is how it can cater for any mood, and that’s reflected in the arts and culture scene of the city. Whether you want to muse the latest contenders for the Turner Prize or check out a performance at The Globe, there’s always something to accommodate your own unique taste or sensibility at any given time. There aren’t many other cities out there that can boast that. It’s a pretty awesome place for breeding creativity.

Who should we be keeping an eye out for in the arts world?

My friends Jessica Boshier and Kylie Babbington (plus Kylie’s bro Joel, who co-writes and directs) are a comedy sketch duo called Bosh and Babbs. They’re about to become huge, I just know it. London SketchFest called them the new French & Saunders and they’re hysterically funny and so clever with their sketches. The whole Porno team are rabid fans. You can find out when they’re next performing by following them on Twitter @BoshandBabbs.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

The scariest thing I’ve ever done? I’d probably have to say this podcast. Mainly because I wasn’t sure what effect it would have on my family. Not just my dad, but my mum and three sisters too. Luckily we’re really close and supportive of each other’s ventures so they’ve been nothing but supportive, even if mum still doesn’t want to listen! It’s really been a testament to my family actually; it’s oddly brought us all closer.

Share something about you that would surprise us!

What would surprise you? Well the dulcet tones you hear each week aren’t actually my accent. I was born and raised in Manchester and had a thick Manc accent for the first 18 years of my life. A combination of studying at the University of Leeds and living in London has made my voice embody a much more neutral tone.

What’s your favourite spot in London?

One of my favourite places in London is Hampstead and The Spaniard’s Inn is a gorgeous little pub tucked away on the edge of the Heath. It’s one of the oldest pubs in the country and Keats is said to have penned Ode to a Nightingale in the beer garden. It was also the place James, Alice and I decided to make the podcast. Two of literatures classics originating in the same beer garden? Magic.

Who do you love to follow on Twitter/ Instagram?

I have to confess I’m more of an Instagram fan myself. One of my favourite people to follow is my friend Klein – @kleingypsyeyes. He’s a bit of a photography magician and his photos of London are pretty epic. He shoots the life I wish I was cool enough to live.

What’s the last country you visited?

The last place I visited outside the UK was Paris. I love that city so much – it’s just so alive with culture, history and passion. If I didn’t live in London, I think I’d have to be a Parisian.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

Well, I’d want Leonardo DiCaprio to play me. Obviously. The man’s a legend. However, I don’t think he’d quite do me justice. So if I was tasked with actually casting myself, I think a pretty good stab would be Seth Rogan. The 40 Year Old Virgin is one of my favourite films so I could do a lot worse!

What are you doing after this interview?

I’m actually off to have lunch at The Sky Garden. One of my mates works in the Walkie Talkie and so I’m shamelessly taking advantage of her ability to skip the queue!

By the time you read this, the final episode for this series will just have been released – but fear not, a Christmas special is on its way. Download episodes here and follow the team on Twitter at @dadwroteaporno.