The Rocky Horror Show @ Leeds Grand Theatre

By November 1, 2016

Theatre & Dance. Leeds.


Images credited to Sean Webb

If you like a bit of daft fun, then The Rocky Horror Show is for you.

Filled with pretty epic tunes such as Time Warp, I defy you to get through the show without singing along and dancing at least a a few times! The show is a little bit silly, and the characters are all extremely over-the-top, but that’s all part of the fun. The very sexualised nature of the show is all done without the slightest bit of seriousness, meaning that even the most prudish of audience members shouldn’t be offended.

rh_janet_hayleyflahertyandcast_photobydave-hogan_lrFor the actors, playing a role in this show can be tricky, as it’s no doubt tempting to go way over the top. Unfortunately this was most definitely the case for Sophie Linder-Lee, who plays Columbia. She is beyond irritating and makes herself the centre of attention ridiculously throughout. It’s a shame as the other performers are stunning. I was particularly impressed by both Haley Flaherty (Janet) and Richard Meek (Brad) who are understated, sweet and sexy in their roles. Liam Tamne as Frank-N-Furter can sing spectacularly well and plays the role nicely, though he lacks an intrinsic sex appeal that makes the part so special.

Not lacking sex appeal whatsoever, of course, is the gorgeous Dominic Andersen, who plays Rocky. His stage presence and performance is faultless, as are his muscles…

My favourite performance of the night undoubtedly goes to Charlie Condou as Narrator. He’s sexy, funny and commands the stage. It’s just a shame he isn’t on stage for longer! He’s absolutely perfect in the role, and handles the audience participation with ease. I’m a little bit in love with him, I think, as was most of the audience!

The show is farcical and, if you’re not up for a laugh, then I wouldn’t recommend it. However, if you haven’t done the Time Warp at least once… what are you waiting for?

See The Rocky Horror Show at Leeds Grand Theatre until 5th November.