Ghost The Musical @ Leeds Grand Theatre

By November 12, 2016

Theatre & Dance. Leeds.


Inspired by the classic 1990 movie starring Patrick Swayze as banker Sam and Demi Moore as his partner Molly this musical is based on the book by Bruce Joel Rubin and with a strong score by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard. When Sam is murdered by a hoodlum under the control of his best friend and colleague Carl who is laundering for the mob it leaves Molly alone and vulnerable.

Carl (Sam Ferriday) plays on this to get his wicked ways but the day is saved, albeit unwittingly, by a streetwise psychic with Oda Mae Brown playing the role initially performed by Whoopi Goldberg to great comic effect. This moving romantic comedy features some great choreography and stunning special effects.


Andy Moss as Sam is convincing as a figure caught between this world and the next and using Oda to communicate with his loved one. While Rebecca Treheam is quite a find as understudy for the role of Molly. New York City is captured in all its frenetic and full-on hectic landscape.

What could be a tad sentimental and melodramatic turns into a veritable tearjerker under the masterful direction of Bob Tomson and brilliant ensemble performance. In particular the relationship between Sam and Molly is treated with exacting sensitivity and allows to focus down on the two lovers in the maelstrom of the city.

With the outstanding production values we have come to rely on from Bill Kenwright this is both a dynamic and tender show.

Reviewed at Leeds Grand Theatre. See here for tour dates.