Introducing #360RAW7 @ The Lending Room Leeds

By March 4, 2019

Music. Leeds.

The 360 Club, nestled throughout the year in the Library Pub’s Lending Room, has always been a hot spot for emerging local musical talent. Last year was no exception to this rule, with six sold out #360Raw events showcasing some of the best and brightest artists from West Yorkshire. On 29th March 2019 360 Club promotor Richard Watson and BBC Introducing West Yorkshire and BBC Introducing Humberside presenter Alan Raw are teaming up again with #360Raw7, switching up the usual style for an evening of alt-folk and blues, courtesy of four blossoming local singer-songwriters.

The first of these emerging talents comes in the form of solo alt-folk artist Clare Kelly. Just one second under Kelly’s spell will have you enchanted by the deep richness she achieves with her falsettos; dark and melancholy, yet simultaneously up-lifting. With her upcoming single, ‘Less Alone’, to be released on the day of the event, and with an EP to follow later this year, #360Raw7 provides the perfect opportunity to catch Kelly at her formative best.

Clare Kelly on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Moving away from the more delicate balance of Kelly’s songwriting, Jack Edwards, who goes by the stage name ‘The Blacksmith’, will bring his signature style of throaty blues to the 360 Club. Following a total thyroidectomy operation in 2016, Edwards taught himself to speak and sing again, resulting in the complete rehabilitation of his voice. His rediscovered vocal range allows him to delve deep into the groove of his acoustic blues. Expect complex guitar chords, smooth riffs, and an ample dose of blues.

The Blacksmith on YouTube and Facebook.

From not so distant Huddersfield, Liam Sullivan has a few more instruments and a little more noise to his repertoire, and is sure to raise the decibel level. With a real REM drawl-like quality to his voice, Sullivan keeps you hooked while his lyrics roam around, seemingly searching for answers far and wide. His 2016 Restless EP is set to receive a follow-up later this year in the form of The News I Needed, which will see his songs take on a darker and heavier sound, but the songs will need to be heard live in order to see their full potential.

Liam Sullivan on SoundCloud and Facebook.

The final artist on show is another singer-songwriter who hails from Leeds, Molly Rymer. There is a real calm composure to Rymer’s songwriting, a confidence and a maturity which makes it extremely comfortable to listen to; at no time do you doubt that the young artist knows exactly what she’s doing. There’s a great range to Rymer’s voice as well, which she exhibits to perfection in the gorgeous ‘I Leave Today’, taken from her Where Am I Now EP. Regularly performing at the Chapel FM Arts Centre in East Leeds, community is an intrinsic element of Molly’s music, making her well suited for her slot at the latest #360Raw event.

Molly Rymer on SoundCloud and Facebook.

In between the four live sets, and well after they’ve come to an end, Alan Raw will be DJing with a mix of all styles from local artists. Gig-goers are encouraged to say hello to the local legend, and to bring any demos which he may well play on the night, and which he’ll pass onto the producers of BBC Introducing. With such an abundance of talent on display, and with the extensive experience of the noggins behind the show ready to keep things running smoothly, it’s set to be a night which will last for a long time in the 360 Club hall of fame.

Tickets are £7 in advance or £8 OTD; buy from Crash Records or Skiddle, and find the event on Facebook.