It Happened Here: Holbeck’s alternative history project


Over the next few months, when out and about in Holbeck, take a few moments to look up when passing lamp posts. In conjunction with Slung Low Theatre, a group of local writers (what is the collective term for a group of writers? Shoal? Flock? Quill?) have teamed up to tell the true and not-quite-so-true stories of this historic area of Leeds.

In a continuation of the 2015 It Happened Here project, the initiative sees another one hundred mini stories of up to a hundred words each appearing on lamp posts around the town to tell the untold stories, myths and legends of Holbeck, its history, and its people.

Blurring fact and fiction it will tell an alternative history. The previous project was so well received that local people complained when the signs were taken down and some completely fictional tales became part of established Holbeck folklore!

Let us know if you spot any of the stories and have a go at deciding which are true.