Light Night 2016: A little inkling

Crowds at Leeds Town Hall

A mixture of elements through installations, projections, and theatre was my experience as I mapped my route round Light Night 2016.

Light illuminated the Ethereal Freeze, the huge ice sculpture at the Briggate Zone. Whilst the Spark! Drummers announced their arrival with their choreography of sound and light at the Town Hall Zone to huge crowds waiting on the steps.

In the sedate setting of Park Square appeared Apparatus Florius, a geometric string installation set in the trees like a giant spider’s web. My final stop was at the Station Zone. With sound track and the grand Queens Hotel as its backdrop, The Falls demonstrated a dramatic water show.

   – Debbie Coupe

At Leeds Town Hall’s basement set in a magical and mysterious underground wood, swarms of ‘fireflies’ await to interact with visitors. This participatory artwork is devised by and uses innovative technology in this unique installation. The audience includes enchanted children who reach out at the luminous orbs as if to catch their magical allure.

Phase Revival

Dedicated to the memory of Becs Andrews, The Superposition present a hypnotic installation based on the principles of quantum mechanics. Using swinging pendulums, lenses & light, the project explores the effects of phase and oscillation through a kinetic sculpture, tuned to a score created from the same mathematics which drives the pendulums. As with ‘fireflies’ there is a hypnotic effect and a real focus on the movement of the light sources.

A sea of tiny lights, music on all sides take you into a world in which music has the power to bewitch, enthrall and soothe your spirit. From Sufi devotionals to JS Bach, for kora and oud, violin and cello, Entranced threads together transformative music that comes to life all around you. Particularly effective are the transitions and transpositions from east to west. The lanterns offer a sensitive response to the sumptuous sounds.

   – Rich Jevons