Lightworks Collective: Exploring the concept of love in cultures around the world

waldfrieden-wonderland-germany-2016We talk to the artists behind the Lightworks Collective, a duo who have captured magical moments from Psychedelic Trance festivals across the world and explore the concept of love across different cultures through their images.

How many artists contribute towards the Lightworks Collective and what inspired you to form?

We are a team of two. We met at a bus stop in Croatia in 2014, and as well as falling in love with each other, we fell in love with the idea of photographing the transient and evanescent moments which make up our existence – and indeed our festival experience. Individually, we have always seen the dance floor as a playground, a platform to express, connect and enjoy unadulterated freedom. So we decided to begin the project in order to capture that sense of liberation.

Did you originally set out with an aim to capture your latest collection or did it happen in a more organic way?

We always knew we wanted to do something a little different. Unlike some invasive photographers who are all up in your face creating images, we try to take a more candid approach so to not ruin the moment. It is essential to us to keep an experience as natural as possible. People seem pleased with the results as they see themselves in a way that isn’t often captured – them being completely themselves. We aim to create a symbiotic relationship between subject and artist in which both are interchangeable and indistinguishable. We become one with the crowd in the belief that being in movement allows us not to be stuck in our role as photographers. The main concept for our work is to be connected to ourselves, as once we feel togetherness within we can expand it externally.


How many different countries and festivals are featured in the collection?

We have photographed festivals in Germany, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, and Morocco.

Is travelling something you both see as important?

Yes, definitely! Travelling has blessed us with so many experiences and shown us so many different cultures and ways of life, as well as teaching us about ourselves and our role in this world. We are constantly inspired by the places we go and people we meet and photograph. Like travelling, images connect us all… so for us the two go hand in hand.

What were the key comparisons and contrasts the collection has highlighted for you?

As we predominantly shoot Psy (Psychedelic Trance) festivals, as opposed to contrast we mainly came to discover oneness. These gatherings represent a unique coming together of cultures, ages, ideas and personalities. It is here we find us all living, breathing, loving and dancing under the same pulse. We have experienced Psy culture in many different countries, and although each festival is magically distinctive and filled with many different nationalities, everybody seems to speak the same language and move to the same rhythm in life.

What is the next step for The Lightworks Collective, and what projects have you in store for us?

We will pursue our love of shooting festivals, and we hope that next summer a festival might be interested in an analogue project we have in mind. We are big lovers of film photography and want to keep this dwindling form of art alive, as these days it isn’t much sought after in a world where everything is so instant! We are also starting to do weddings, and shot our first one just last month. We hope to branch out into this industry!

To see more of the Lightworks Collective and their stunning images follow their Facebook and Instagram. For all enquiries contact [email protected]

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