Manchester’s R&B scene: Mali Hayes, Fliss & [ K S R ] – roundtable podcast

From L-R: Fliss (source soundcloud.com/flissmcr); [ K S R ] (source soundcloud.com/ksrmusic); and Mali Hayes (source malihayes.bandcamp.com)

Manchester’s music scene is always thriving, but the city’s R&B/neo-soul movement is having a special moment.

Mali Hayes, Fliss and [ K S R ] are just a few of the artists shaping the city’s sound and turning Manchester into a national capital for the genre.

For our latest roundtable podcast episode, we spoke to them about the scene, their music, their careers and much more!

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A transcript is available here.


Our discussion featured…

Mali Hayes – with a powerful voice drawing on classic neo-soul, Mali has established herself as a star in Manchester, found performing at places like Band on the Wall to Reform Radio.

Instagram: @malihayes  Twitter: @malihayesmusic

Fliss – a growing presence in the city’s scene, Fliss’ distinct sound has put her firmly on the R&B map of the UK thanks to a stream of exceptional tracks over the past few years.

Instagram: @flissmcr  Twitter: @flissmcr

[ K S R ] – raised in Manchester, [ K S R ] has become the face of the city’s most exciting new scene and has worked with the likes of Children of Zeus and KinKai.

Instagram: @ksrmcr  Twitter: @ksr_mcr


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The State of the Arts
The State of the Arts
Manchester's R&B scene: Mali Hayes, Fliss & [ K S R ] - roundtable podcast