Podcast – Culture Matters #3: Cinema

‘Culture Matters’ made a return in March for a very special panel discussion exploring the state of independent and grassroots cinema. If you missed our conversation, you can now listen back to it via The State of the Arts Podcast!

We enlisted several figures from across the North’s cinema landscape to discuss how the industry is recovering from lockdown, what changes it has experienced and what the future holds for the cinema sector…

Tony Mundin – The Savoy, Regal, Rex & Ritz cinemas

Sally Folkard – Film Hub North

Wendy Cook –  Hyde Park Picture House

Michael Pierce & Monika Rodriguez – Scalarama

Listen back to the full conversation via the player below or on Apple Podcasts!

You can access a transcript of the recording here.

From engaging with streaming giants, to improving access and their role in their communities, our panel talked about all the major trends and challenges impacting their industry. A massive thanks to our panel for joining us for the latest instalment of ‘Culture Matters’!


Some highlights from our panellists…

“Netflix is a ready meal and we’re a restaurant… There is a demarcation of quality when a film has a theatrical release.”  –  Tony

“We’ve seen so much sharing between venues in resources and best practice… that has been a fantastic consequence of the last two years.”  –  Sally

“It’s been really inspiring seeing how generous people have been – I was added into a Whatsapp group with cinema programmers across the entire country… and it’s still buzzing today!”  –  Wendy

“We need to be able to try things and we need to be able to be wrong – because we do need to change.”  –  Michael

“Films are so important for healing – for bringing people into a safe space and helping them recover.”  –  Monika

The State of the Arts
The State of the Arts
Podcast - Culture Matters #3: Cinema