M@BU presents… @ Delius Arts & Cultural Centre, Bradford

By August 22, 2016

Music. Bradford.

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Andy Abbott of That Fucking Tank photo Sophia Ruth

That Fucking Tank kick off with a strong dynamic tribal beat mixed with grunge and Krautrock repetition in spirals of sonic abrasion. There are basic droning melodies driving into more heavy stuff when it so wants. The drummer is rocksteady matching Andy Abbott’s minimal groove.

There is a Can-esque drone and insistent percussion adds to the dreamy but punchy feel. TFT are quite militant with bowel-bursting bass banging out and some real motor-driven thrash close to the speed of light.

Next up BARBEROS like TFT bring polyrhythms to build up frenetic aural attacks while an atonal synth leads with trance-like tones. There is high impact from the bass to your internal organs while the rhythm section keeps on driving and kicking.

Again Germanic influences from the likes of DAF and Magma but do not doubt their originality – this is unique. They remind of a radical Test Dept but with further surreal morphing to boot.

a.P.A.t.T include a Gothic organ sound, waling and chanting against whirling wind and eerie voices. Their slow chord changes and odd time signatures are built up with a floral flute. There is a jovial manic ending with a Celtic celebratory feel – phew!

Sax Ruins

Sax Ruins

For the final act Sax Ruins it is clear that here is a Japanese full-on hardcore jazz duo with both seemingly scintillating simplicity yet astounding complexity. The sax is sustained and sequenced to give it an orchestral edge at other times in abrasive solo against the dynamic drums.

Crass’ Steve Ignorant would compare this to a drumkit falling down a staircase (after his frustrations with Penny Rimbaud) but the percussion is both varied and vociferous while the sax almost follows down the steps too with its vital notes of mayhem.

A simply superb evening.

Thursday 18th August 2016, At Delius Arts & Cultural Centre, Bradford.