Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games at Alhambra Theatre


Photograph taken from the Alhambra Theatre website

The Alhambra embraced the Lord of the Dance with a welcoming response. The energy both on stage and off created a good ambience with the audience regularly clapping along in enjoyment. With all the thrills of the original, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games features cutting edge technology, exquisite costumes and outstanding choreography, directed by Michael Flatley with new music by composer Gerard Fahy.

The show’s story emerges from the dreams of the iridescently dressed Little Spirit, in the classic tale of good versus evil. The backdrop supported the action on stage well and the contrasting themes echoed the narrative played out on stage. Technically slick with contrasting footage from unicorns and rainbows to flames and icy blue planetary scenes. The filmic style complimented the speed and skill of the dancers and at times it was totally mesmerising. A special mention must also go to vocalist Sophie Evans and talented fiddlers Giada Costenaro Cunnigham and Nicole Lonergan, who as well as dancing and playing, difficult to do simultaneously, kept the Irish music live.

The traditional Irish style was also given an unexpected sexy sassy twist. The complexity of the footwork and the complimentary mix of staging was truly entertaining. A nice contrast is the male military routine and dance-off which sounds like a full marching army. A dance sequence with ominous green lit, red eyed robots again changes the original expectations of the traditional dance. The whole of the stage is filled at one point and the routines have extreme speed and precision which is incredible.

A unique combination of cinematic thrill with talent. Catch the show until Sunday 12th March at Alhambra Theatre.