Miss Meena & the Masala Queens @ West Yorkshire Playhouse


Photograph credited to David Fisher

Miss Meena was once the greatest drag act and the owner of a fabulous night club, Miss Meena’s. Now feeling washed up, and the spark gone, she is ready to close the doors for good. Someone from her past shows up with some bad news that leaves her questioning everything she stands for. Maybe a new arrival who seeks acceptance might be able to breathe new life into her club?

We are now in the 21st century and a person’s sexuality is still a taboo subject to some people. The story of Miss Meena and the Masala Queens hits home just how hard it is for some people out there to be accepted for who they are. It does this in a very entertaining and frankly sobering way.

The story moves along very well and balances the comedy and drama. There are discussions of how it feels to be rejected by those you love and trust. It hits you hard that this is still an issue for some and we stay in these moments just long enough. Thankfully the comedy returns to help the message along.

The production and acting is very good. Great use of the set and some spectacular dancing followed by some great duo comedy dancing, not to mention lip-syncing to Katy Perry “Fireworks”.

This is a roller coaster of a story: one minute you are crying with laughter, the next brushing tears of sadness away. Its handling of comedy and serious drama is one to be admired. This is a show that is truly all inclusive with a message for all: be proud of who you are, whoever you are. The story of these Drag Queens never dragged for me once. Simply great!

A new piece by Rifco theatre group inspired by the British Asian drag queen community, in consultation with the LGBTQ community. Catch it at West Yorkshire Playhouse until 17th June.