Preview: Kostis Kilymis / Spoils & Relics / Embla Quickbeam @ Fuse Art Space, Bradford

Kostis Kilymis

Kostis Kilymis

This Saturday Bradford is bringing us an exciting line-up at the Fuse Art Space and it expects to be a night full of quirky and intriguing acts. If you enjoy discovering new talent, then this is the event for you.

One act to look out for on Saturday is Greek artist Kostis Kilymis, who creates unusual sounds with his music and aims to present the relationship between sound and space.

Based in London, his work focuses on the use of electronic synthesis and he really takes a deep look into how music can relate to his surroundings, producing an interesting and almost eerie effect. His work builds tension and has an effect on your mind; you almost expect to jump at a sudden noise but it never comes.

If you’d like to listen to his music before Saturday, Kilymis’s most recent release Crystal Drops/Ground Loops is an intense listen and is available on Soundcloud and also via his website.

Spoils and Relics consists of trio Gary Myles, Kieron Piercy, and Johnny Scarr. The band combine bizarre sounds to form a confusing, rhythmic listen. Some of the sounds seem to be taken from everyday life, such as plates clattering and cans hitting the floor; it is truly astounding to hear every day sounds being overlapped and exaggerated to create music.

The song titles to each track make the sounds even more mysterious as it is difficult to figure out what aspects of daily life we are listening to and what it is that links the sounds to the song title, for instance even after multiple listens to their track ‘Embed And Then Forget’ there is still more to discover on the next listen.

Spoils and Relics most recent release was Private Garage Collection earlier this year, and you can hear the EP via their website or also on Soundcloud.

Brighton based and originally a member of the super-group Leopard Leg, Embla Quickbeam certainly has a knack for achieving beautifully haunting music, especially as a solo act; she has received a lot of positive feedback towards her music.

A little more tranquil than the other two acts, Embla Quickbeam uses stunning natural sounds to create her soothing music. It’s almost like turning the background noise up in a park and beginning to notice rhythms and beats you didn’t realize were apparent; bird songs and wind chimes can be heard in her tracks. She works with homemade instruments to explore the sounds of nature and discover unfamiliar waves in her music.

Her most recent release is The Outer Church on label Front and Follow back in 2013, and she had previously worked with the record label Chocolate Monk and Tadpole Records.

See Fuse Art Space website for details.