Preview: Theadfest 2016, Bradford

To celebrate the creative talent in independent art and music, Bradford is bringing us Threadfest for the fifth year running. Taking place from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of May, it will be an unmissable weekend. Here’s what we can expect from the lineup:


The Nightingales

With a truly post-punk style, the Nightingales are a band that could satisfy most music tastes. Capturing the attention of Radio One presenter John Peel, he played a lot of their music on his radio show in the 1980’s. Having a variety of members throughout the years, the band now consists of original frontman Robert Lloyd and also James Smith, Andreas Schmid and Fliss Kitson. The Nightingales are sure to bring some upbeat ‘in your face’ vibes to the weekend with their harsh punk rock sound. Their latest album release Mind Over Matter (on record label Louder Than War) was well received and certainly radiates the original 80’s punk sound that they revolved around.


Ogoya Nengo with the Dodo Women’s Group

Kenyan folk artist Ogoya Nengo offers an array of African sounds in her music with the Dodo Women’s Group. An overall highly spirited group, they dance to the rhythm of their music and often interact with the audience, beckoning them to come onstage and join in. Playing drums and improvising with beguiling African beats and sounds, artistic talent seems to run through their bones and they definitely do their ancestors justice. Showing strong friendship and unity, the group are simply heartwarming to watch; they will certainly bring something different to Threadfest.

eva orleans

Ela Orleans

Haunt pop artist Ela Orleans’s will be bringing a very original insight to Threadfest. Her music is absolutely mesmerizing and although rather creepy it is weirdly ear-pleasing. Born in Poland, she is now Glasgow-based and considered a rising popularity in the music scene of Scotland. Most of her music is tranquil but also very eerie at the same time, showing a true capability to create her own unique style. It’s almost very trippy and purely captivating, each song luring you into a paranormal daydream. She really gets into the rhythm of her music and she is really riveting to watch during performances.

Sunday’s anarchic all-ages show ‘Out There Sounds For All The Family’ features performances suitable for people of all ages, including:


Commoners Choir

The Commoners Choir, led by Chumbawamba’s Boff Whalley, is a rather unorthodox choir who certainly won’t be what you expect. Sounding like an average choir, they use their vocal talent to poke fun at figures such as Boris Johnson and also to express themselves. The harmonies are flawless and offer enjoyment for all.

The talented indie diverse band Cowtown will also offer a performance of rock music with electronic sounds. Consisting of eccentric members Jon Nash, Hilary Knott and Dave Shields, they will most definitely get the party started.

If all of that isn’t enough to satisfy, then there are plenty more performances, exhibitions and talks throughout the festival that certainly will. See for full details.