Pete Firman has plenty of spark @ City Varieties

By October 28, 2016

Comedy. Leeds.


Pete Firman has plenty of personality, that’s for sure. His energy and enthusiasm on stage invites the audience to be totally and completely on his side as he delivers a range of great tricks.

Some of the tricks are really difficult to fathom how he does them and seem totally unique. As a fan of magic, I have seen quite a few of the tricks done before by various different magicians. However, Pete Firman does deliver these with style and has some great banter with the audience. His stage persona is switched over to holiday park mode a bit too much for the City Varieties crowd, but he still delivers jokes with great timing.

For me personally, the moment a performer begins randomly picking audience members out of the crowd is the moment I stop feeling relaxed – it spoils the evening for me as it’s my worst nightmare to be chosen to go up on stage. Some performers ask for volunteers… Firman did not. I don’t think I could have dealt with being locked in a prop guillotine, so he was lucky he chose far braver and more tolerant audience members. Their feeling of uncomfortableness was tangible, though one or two volunteers gave some quite funny back chat and Firman handled this brilliantly.

Pete Firman has an unmistakable Northern charm, and I would return to see his next tour. He has got the balance of comedy and magic just right – and it’s a great combination.

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