Peter Pan @ Alhambra Theatre, Bradford


The yearly pantomime arrives at the Alhambra and this year Billy Pearce is pirate Smee with his school boy antics and quirky sense of humour. He seems to gain mileage in energy and pace every year. Darren Day cast well as Captain Hook did the part justice as well as providing a strong vocal performance. The contrasting scenes worked together to provide a combination of story then welcomed comedy. A verbal duel ensues with a mission from Hook to Smee to make a delivery to ‘Mr What” “Mr Why” and “Mr I Don’t Know” which was witty and hilarious. Jon Lee as Peter Pan and the Darling family carried along the narrative, charmingly realistic. The remarkable 3D effects this year were pulling no punches and not for the faint hearted, taking us on an under- water adventure with unexpected sea creatures along the way.

Charlie Hardwick as Mimi the magical mermaid brought a sense of calm and wonder. Lucy Evans as cheeky Tinker Bell was a whirlwind of excitement and fun in contrast to Tiger-Lily played by Marina Lawrence Mahrrh who brought forward the strength of her sturdy character. Towards the end of the show four cast members contributed to their own Twelve Days of Christmas. Complete with smelly socks, football shirts and Yorkshire puddings which at one point ended up in the audience, the song was a delight and a true showcase of the talent on stage. An entertaining show full of surprises.