Tiago Cadete’s Alla Prima @ HOME Manchester

Photo Credit: Tiago Cadete, HOME Mcr

Photo Credit: Tiago Cadete, HOME Mcr

On the 20th of August, HOME welcomed to its stage ALLA PRIMA, a 45-minute performance by the artist Tiago Cadete.

Alone on stage, facing the public, Tiago Cadete stands naked and serene in a rectangle of light. On the screen on his right several images succeed each other. Conscientiously observing them the artist imitates: a posture, a facial expression, a movement. ALLA PRIMA, a mix of visual arts, dance and theatre, reveals the history of Brazil and the evolution of the representations of its people, going from slavery in the 16th century to contemporary photographs of women.

Through the silent process of observation-imitation, the artist’s identity fades to welcome the broader concept of ‘body’, which is thereby presented as the common denominator of all human beings despite time, alterations, and origins. Position after position, the body reclaims its rights on the mind, slowly taking over to blossom into a flowing, uninterrupted movement.

In the intimate atmosphere of a small theatre room, the spectator must be increasingly observant and critical towards the imitation if they want to stay entertained. Indeed, the repetitive process doesn’t totally hold the audience’s attention and one has to wait until the very last minute of the performance for a real burst of intensity. Nevertheless, Tiago Cadete provides an interesting performance which undeniably brings the viewer to reflect on Brazil, its cultural heritage and the predominance of the bodily over the intellectual.