Sons of Pitches at City Varieties Music Hall


Image taken from the Leeds City Varieties website

If you’re a fan of light-hearted banter topped with a whole load of musical talent then you simply have to see Sons of Pitches.

Sailing through covers, original songs, and popular TV jingles, this talented vocal group even incorporated improvised songs during a hilarious game of “Countup” with plenty of audience participation involved!

The group is effortlessly talented, demonstrating everything from vocal impressions to beatboxing. They didn’t win BBC2’s The Naked Choir for nothing! However, what makes this a truly enjoyable show is the humour and comedy brought to the stage. Joe B, in particular, hosts many of the sketches with ease and seems so comfortable interacting with the audience as well as his fellow band mates.

Each member of the a capella group brings their own personality to the stage, and it’s great to see this shine through. I leave the theatre feeling as though I know each of them.

The only downside, for me, is the inclusion of Rock Choir as a warm-up act. With poor “dancing”, barely-there harmonies and the enthusiasm of a soggy dish cloth, it makes for a particularly uncomfortable watch. Tackling classics such as Halo really doesn’t help. It certainly put me in an irritated mood, and it goes to show how incredible Sons of Pitches are to turn that round.

Catch Sons of Pitches on tour throughout June and July!