Tattooed Bakers Push Boundaries Of Cake With Edible Art

[Images courtesy of Tattooed Bakers]
The Tattooed Bakers are Yorkshire bound and, in honour of the British Art Show, they’re recreating artworks from previous shows out of cake! Each piece will be re-created true to the dimensions and details of each work of art, and will be exhibited in The Gallery at Munro House for one day only as part of the Indie Food Festival. We chatted to the Tattooed Bakers ahead of the Great Edible Art Show about how they got into the business of cake, which artworks they’re recreating for the show and their most ambitious creations to date…




What is the idea behind the Tattooed Bakers?
TB: We are a couple of food artists (and a real life couple) who push the boundaries of what can be made in cake and baked goods.


tatooed bakers


TSOTA: Who are the tattooed bakers? What is your background and where did you guys meet?
TB: We are Eddie Lebeau and Richard Amon. We met at the nightclub that Richard owns in Wimbledon 5 years ago. We both have art backgrounds but fell into baking quite randomly… We made a cake for Richards sister of her Bulldog for her birthday and then we decided to start a company called Cake Doggy Dog that made bespoke cake portraits of dogs. That got a great reception and press but we found it too niche and wanted to create more exciting things! We took a break to have our daughter Ophelia and launched Tattooed Bakers in April 2013.




TSOTA: How long does it take to make a piece of edible art?
TB: It really depends on the size and the amount of decoration – there really is no set time. Some projects have taken 10 hours, others have taken 3 weeks!


TSOTA: You have worked with some extremely high profile clients- who have been your favourites amongst them?
TB: We are massive Marvel fans so we like making cakes for them and Disney – we get to make large scale cakes for them which is what we love doing the most. We and our daughter are big Shrek fans too so we really enjoyed making the Gingerbread House.


Giant Edible Gingerbread Ticket Office Pops Up On London's South Bank
[Image © Mikael Buck / Shrek’s Adventure! London]



TSOTA: Which have been your most ambitious creations to date?
TB: The Giant Gingerbread House we made for Shreks Adventure London is our biggest project to date in terms of scale. The three hanging slaughtered pigs we made for Cakeageddon was logistically pretty ambitious! We’d never made hanging cakes before!




TSOTA: What can we expect from the forthcoming Edible Art Show at Munro House Leeds?
TB: Edible art! We have a rainbow sponge filled sheep, which is certainly something you don’t see everyday.


TSOTA: Which artworks have you recreated for the show?
TB: Damien Hirst – Away from the flock
Sarah Lucas – Cycladic no 14
Grayson Perry – Mr Shitsex
Tracey Emin – No Chance


TSOTA: Which UK landmarks do you think would be most fun to recreate in cake form?
TB: We’d love to do the view from the the London Eye – like a “Cakescape” of famous London landmarks! We had such fun making Somerset House in cake.




And the biggie…what is your favourite type of cake?
TB: We don’t really eat a lot of cake any more…but I am obsessed with Oreo cakes at the moment. Rich’s is red velvet!


Interview by Bethany Ashcroft



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