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By January 18, 2015

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Images courtesy of the Smallest Theatre

Images courtesy of the Smallest Theatre

Bit of history for you: The Smallest Theatre in the World was created by Marcel Steiner and was the first show to perform at Covent Garden street pitch in the 1970’s. The ninth Doctor Who (Sylvester McCoy) started his career in it and Meryl Streep watched a performance of Hamlet in it when it toured America in the 1970’s, so it’s already been on quite adventure. However, it was abandoned after the death of it’s creator and remained within the depths of The National Theatre for nearly 14 years.

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It was rescued from obscurity by the Cultural Events team at Chelmsford City Council and now, The Smallest Theatre is safe in the hands of The Grand Theatre of Lemmings (ownd by David Danzig and Mandy Medlicot) who returned it to its former glory as one of the funniest Street Theatre shows in the UK. The Lemmings created a hideously hilarious production of King Kong and last summer toured England and Europe with it, bringing delight to all those who happened upon it.

‘The company are brilliant at engaging new audiences, unsuspecting passers-by, families, young and old. They delight, entertain, perform their hearts out and bring a huge smile to the faces of everyone who encounters them.’ Matt Lane. Head of Royal Opera House

Currently, The Grand Theatre of Lemmings are setting sail for an epic adventure to India with the ‘Smallest Theatre in the World’, working in orphanages and on the Streets of India. Seated on the sidecar of a Royal Enfield motorbike and with a seating capacity for just two adults, the Smallest Theatre is the perfect vehicle for an explosive cultural exchange.

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They will travel to the Enfield factory in Chennai, acquire a bike and sidecar, collect their teeny tiny theatre and head down to Madurai where they will stay with The Russ Foundation. Here, they will work for an entire month with the children to produce a new show that they will perform together at a celebration on the final day of their visit. Local filmmaker Alex Dellow from ‘Had Enough Media’ will also travel with them and make a documentary film about their adventures, to be shown on their return.

“There’s something quite magical about having a random idea such as taking the smallest theatre In the world on an expedition to India, then working towards it and suddenly realising it’s all going to happen. This will possibly be one of the most exciting adventures The Smallest Theatre has ever had, not to mention myself!” David Danzig

So far the Lemmings have raised over £6,000 through internet crowd funding and fundraising events. They hope that this project is the beginning of a long standing cultural exchange with many Indian Theatres, with collaboration at its heart. If you would like to donate visit their website

For more info on The Smallest Theatre follow them on Twitter @lemmingstheatre or on Facebook.

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