TSOTA’s Top 5: Books to read this Christmas

By December 21, 2014

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Leading up to Christmas, the TSOTA Team have been compiling some December Top 5s. This week we give you…


1. ‘The Establishment: And how they get away with it’ by Owen Jones


Suggestion from TSOTA contributor Madeleine Walton.

Spectator, Daily Telegraph, New Statesman, Guardian, Observer, Independent Books of the Year 2014.

Read more about ‘The Establishment: And how they get away with it’ on Amazon.

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2. ‘The Red House’ by Mark Haddon

The Red House

Author best known for ‘he Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.’

Suggestion from author Nick David (@NEDavidAuthor):

“Written with pace, both prose and plot zip along as the story of two families attempting to reunite unfolds with disastrous results”

Read more about ‘The Red House’ on Amazon.

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3. ‘Life After Life’ by Kate Atkinson


Suggestion from TSOTA contributor Nicki Davy:

“A ‘sliding doors’ type story, in which small choices completely change the destiny of the main character. Atkinson’s style is easy to read but beautifully nuanced, and in her hands even the more ‘unbelievable’ aspects of this book become completely believable. I read it in about three days flat. Beautiful stuff.”

Read more about ‘Life after Life’ on Amazon.

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4. ‘Viper Wine’ by Hermione Eyre


Suggestion from Tamsin Key:

“Historical fiction was never this quirky. The intrigues of the court of Charles l with appearances by Naomi Campbell, David Bowie and a yellow submarine-among others!”

Read more about ‘Viper Wine’ on Amazon.

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5. ‘Nunslinger: The Complete Series’ by Stark Holborn


Suggestion from Jess Haigh:

“It is my book of choice because it is fast-paced, features a brilliantly bad-ass heroine and some of the most beautifully visual writing I’ve read for a long time. It is also very accessible, and started out as a series of e-books so really plays with the perception of what is and isn’t a ‘book’, rather like a modern version of the serialised novels of Charles Dickens or the penny dreadfuls. It would make a cracking Christmas read, and the cover is beautiful too.”

Read more about ‘Nunslinger: The Complete Series.’

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Other suggestions:

‘The Miniaturist’ by Jessie Burton
‘The Absent Therapist’ by Tom Gatti
‘Once Upon An Alphabet’ by Oliver Jeffers


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