#360RAW7: Reviewed

By April 10, 2019

Music. Leeds.

#360Raw7 at the Library Pub’s Lending Room was a showcase of emerging local talent organised by 360 Club promoter Richard Watson, and BBC Introducing West Yorkshire and Humberside presenter, Alan Raw.

First to take the stage was Molly Rymer, a charming mix of simple songwriting and impressive, wandering vocals. Though her guitar was initially drowned out by the audience, Molly grew in confidence, demanding that the crowd listen to her songs of love and loss. Although her inventive cover of Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ was a highlight, it was her enchanting original ‘I Leave Today’ that will be remembered. Molly Rymer is an artist you should be accidentally stumbling upon in some smoke filled Parisian café to truly appreciate her spark of brilliance.

Jack Edwards, more formally known as The Blacksmith and hailing from Castleford, kicked things up a gear with his gritty blend of bluesy folk. His guitar hanging down by his waist, Edward’s performance was epitomised by power, especially in his cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’; veins popped from his neck as he hit a succession of throaty notes, his forceful arms glowing as he deftly worked his guitar. Complex riffs and warbling vocals abounded as The Blacksmith brought a bit of edge to the 360 Club.

There was something enticing and perplexing about Claire Kelly; her falsetto somehow had an operatic deepness, a tone that simultaneously reminiscent of both Kate Bush and Alison Moyet. The result was bewitching. With her crimson red Gibson L5 CES contrasting her black and white outfit, Claire concocted a dreamy landscape as the audience swayed slowly to the sound of her distorted vocals and even more distorted guitar.

The final act, Liam Sullivan, brought his whole four-piece band with him, and closed the show with a loud and assured performance that finally managed to quiet the loud and restless audience. The only thing more energetic than Liam’s wide-ranging vocals was his physical performance, dancing and hopping around the stage in a state of bliss. Performing live is clearly of utmost importance to Liam, and he has to be witnessed in full flow to be seen at his very best.