Bowie Experience @ The Alhambra Theatre, Bradford


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What an experience! If you love Bowie songs, and can sing along as word-perfectly as so many fans can, then this show should absolutely be on your must-watch list. If you’re a casual fan, who knows the hits but wouldn’t know some of the more obscure album tracks, this exploration of Bowie’s musical journey is simply fascinating.

Laurence Knight, as Bowie, effortlessly cruises his way through Bowie’s best hits—he sounds and looks incredibly similar and his stage presence is lovely to watch. He interacts well with the staggeringly talented musicians he shares a stage with. Though I’m not keen on Charlotte-Elizabeth Talbot singing in for Freddie Mercury during Under Pressure, there’s no doubt she has a great voice.

The first half is particularly nostalgic, as Ziggy Stardust makes a gorgeous appearance. The second half really shows the difference in Bowie’s style through the year—both musically and in appearance.

It’s more of a gig than a show, with a simple projection at the back of the stage the only real ‘effect’ or use of set. However, don’t let this put you off—it’s one almighty gig, paying the perfect tribute to a true music legend.

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