Comedian Seann Walsh @ City Varieties

By October 14, 2016

Comedy. Leeds.


Image taken from the City Varieties website

I’m going to be honest. I expected Seann Walsh to be funny. I just didn’t expect him to be that funny. His style of comedy is not only observational and incredibly well-written, it’s also a form of storytelling. By the end of the night, I felt like I’d followed Seann Walsh through a journey from his childhood to his now rather middle class lifestyle. I also, oddly, felt like I’d learnt a little something about myself, too, with his spot-on comments about everyday trivialities such as sparkling water and avocados sparking roaring laughter from the audience.

Sure, I accept that a certain amount of the talent lies within the script, but there was a moment in the show where Seann was interrupted by an audience member’s text message and he handled it absolutely spectacularly. It was clear, then, that being naturally funny really is an incredible skill of his.

The actual performance was lovely to watch, too. I could have been watching a one-man show at a theatre rather than a stand-up comedian, and for me this type of comedy was just perfect.

His warm-up act, Mark Simmons, was also brilliant but in a totally different way. I assume he’s newer to the comedy scene, given his visible nerves and slightly awkward banter with the audience. Having said that, he’s definitely one to watch and I place my bets he’ll be on TV this time next year becoming a household name in comedy. His one-liners are clever, intriguing and well-varied, and I was actually quite disappointed when his set finished.

Seann Walsh is touring right up until February 2017, so if you do get chance to catch his show I would definitely recommend it. Coming away from a performance with aching cheeks from laughing so much has got to be a good sign, right?