Podcast – Culture Matters #2: Nightlife

Culture Matters’ is a new series of panel events that will shine a light on how resilient and resourceful our friends in the arts and culture world have been. In each virtual event, we will look at a different creative sector, discussing the challenges they faced, the changes they’ve experienced, and their recovery route out of lockdown.

Our second event focused on ‘Nightlife’, the corner of the cultural landscape sorely missed for over a year – our clubs, events and festivals, responsible for uniting selectors and sounds with party goers across the country. 

The State of the Arts enlisted several figures from across the North’s nightlife culture to discuss how the industry will recover from lockdown…

DJ Paulette – a cultural icon of Manchester whose career has taken her from the Hacienda to Paris to the biggest festival line ups of 2021.

Harkirit Boparai – based in York, Harkirit manages  The Crescent Community Venue and programmes the Basement Jazz Club, and is North-East coordinator for the Music Venue Trust.

Gemma Krysko – director of We Are Indigo and part of the team behind Escape to Freight Island, she also helped with the UK government’s pilot club event in Liverpool.

Anton Stevens – part of the organising team behind Manchester’s most popular nightclub, Hidden.

From the value of online streaming, to the lack of governmental support, to social changes we can expect to see and excitement for summer 2021, the panel looked at everything that’s affected their industry and what its future holds.

Thank you to our panelists and to everyone who attended our event – stay tuned for more events just like this appearing on our site and podcast!

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The State of the Arts
Podcast - Culture Matters #2: Nightlife