Dave Spikey @ City Varieties

By May 30, 2017

Comedy. Leeds.



Dave Spikey wasn’t at all how I expected he would be. My experience of his style of comedy comes from his time on 8 out of 10 Cats rather than Phoenix Nights, and on that show he is witty, charming and incredibly funny. His latest tour, Juggling on a Motorbike, takes the audience on a somewhat nostalgic journey of his life. From old school memories through to funny anecdotes of his time working his way to the top of the comedy tree, this sentimental banter provides little belly-laughs but plenty of opportunity for fond smiles. Aside from his slight deviation to discuss Guinea Pig killing, which we’d best not get into.

He’s likeable, sure, and his accent certainly adds to his charm. I particularly like the story that links the whole set together (which I won’t spoil for you), and I’m also a fan of his end “trick”, in which he pretends to juggle on a motorbike as he did way back 30 years ago.

This celebration of his time on the comedy circuit is just that – a celebration. Does it stand alone as a comedy gig without relying on audience sentimentality? I’m not so sure. The gags are witty and have the audience laughing steadily throughout the show, but a lot of his stories are speechlike rather than incorporating well-timed punchlines. I very much enjoy watching him on stage – he’s easy to watch and his confidence puts the audience at ease. He’s a comedy veteran, after all.

If you’re a fan, catch Dave Spikey on tour in 2017/18.