Interview: Rohan Green from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Team Lollipop

By December 16, 2015


All photography credited to Alastair Muir

Rohan Green is one of the local children chosen to take part in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We chat to Rohan to find out more about the show.

What inspired you to want to audition for the show?

I’m part of the West Yorkshire Playhouse Youth Theatre, and on my way to one of the sessions I saw a giant poster for the show up in the foyer. I asked Mum if I could audition for the show… and here I am!

I’d seen the film when I was younger and had always wanted to see the show. The chance to be in it is even better.

What was the audition process like?

The audition process was more like a workshop. There were about 16 of us in the main rehearsal room, and instead of it being a straight forward audition, it turned into a fun two hours of singing, dancing and acting!


Have you had any scary moments during rehearsal?

Well, I’m on stage for the tap number Me Ol’ Bamboo, and during rehearsals a few bamboos came flying a bit too close to me!

Also, Stephen Matthews, who plays The Childcatcher, is incredible scary when he’s in character!

What’s it like performing on the West Yorkshire Playhouse Quarry Theatre stage? 

It’s absolutely amazing. Going out there every night and knowing that there are over 800 people watching you is a spectacular feeling. The design of the theatre is brilliant – it’s almost like a Greek amphitheatre and being on stage when the car flies is incredible.

What’s your favourite song in the show and why? 

I think Me Ol’ Bamboo because of the way that Stephen Mear has choreographed it makes it not only a dance with sticks, but a dance with sticks and tap shoes.

Do you want to be a performer in the future?

Definitely. But I’ve always wanted to be a director as well and that’s what I’d really love to do.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is on at the West Yorkshire Playhouse until 30th January 2016 and then touring the UK.