KISHBOO: Yorkshire e-zine seeks submissions


We at TSOTA are very excited to introduce a new online literary magazine,, based right here in our very own Yorkshire. Rather than me wittering on as usual, I caught up with co-founder, Sharon Boothroyd, and let her tell you all about it.

TSOTA:Where did KISHBOO come from?
SB: It was my husband’s idea. I used to subscribe to a small independent paper fiction magazine that asked readers to vote for the stories in their ongoing competition. The winning story writer and runner-up, as decided by the readers/subscribers, won two cash prizes.
We wanted to follow a similar kind of model, but we’d produce a digital version instead, cutting out printing and distribution costs.

TSOTA: What is it?
SB: KISHBOO is a non- profit, fiction based e-magazine, catering mainly for readers who are interested in writing.
Run by myself and my husband, Keith, from our home in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. It’s non- subscription, free to read online and 99p on kindle.
Our new site, launched January in 2016, is mobile friendly and can be viewed online, on a standard PC, on a tablet or on a smart phone.
The comp entry fees, advertising on the site and kindle sales all go towards paying the cash prizes.

TSOTA: Did you see something missing in other e-mags that made you want to make your own?
SB: Yes. A lot of e-zines describe themselves as ‘literary’ and as a writer myself (mainly for the commercial market) I felt put off by this.
We wanted to welcome all kinds of fiction (apart from erotica and children’s) so we decided to hold open genre.

TSOTA: Do either of you write?
SB: Yes. I’m the writer, and editor of KISHBOO. Keith is the web design/ IT expert.
I’ve had a wide range of letters, opinion pieces and poetry published in a wide variety of national magazines.
I’ve also had ten short stories published in magazines, such as The Weekly News, Take a Break’s Fiction Feast, Prima and Your Cat. I’m working towards publication of more.

Please see my own website:

Keith’s websites:

TSOTA: What are your plans for KISHBOO going forward?
SB: We’re looking into producing an audio version of KISHBOO.
Kishboo runs calls for writing throughout the year with competition deadlines set for the 20th of April, July and October respectively. Prizes are awarded to competition winners. Keep checking back to TSOTA for reminders.

Sharon and Keith would also welcome articles (on a voluntary basis) of up to 1,000 words on the craft of writing or writers’ experiences of the writing or submission process. For full submission guidelines visit