Miles Jupp @ Leeds City Varieties

By September 26, 2016

Comedy. Leeds.


It took me a while to get over the excitement of actually watching Archie the inventor from TV show Balamory at Leeds City Varieties.

Miles Jupp’s Songs of Freedom covers a range of witty subjects, from politics to family life and everyday niggles that almost everyone in the audience can associate with. There were plenty of laughs from his rather safe style of comedy, though the slightly more risky / offensive material often got the biggest response.

His opening joke told the story of a man calling Jupp’s performance ‘pleasant and unexpected’. Miles Jupp’s performance is definitely, undoubtedly pleasant. His loveliness and kind humour shines from the stage, and I felt at ease throughout the evening. Though not wildly unexpected, Jupp’s topic choices aren’t predictable, which keeps the audience on their toes too.

The flow to Miles Jupp’s comedy is very clever – he seamlessly sails through one topic to the next without so much of a pause. It is difficult to analyse when one topic takes over the one before, which is exactly how it should be.

The funny observations aren’t the only thing interesting about Miles Jupp’s style – his way with words and unusual phrases add massively to his overall persona. His performance is faultless, too, and he engages the audience straight away with an almost diffident stage persona.

A few of the more intellectual jokes went over my head, though in the majority most of Miles’ humour is very accessible and this is a show almost anyone can love.

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