Review: Electric Light Orchestra’s All Over the World

By June 16, 2016

Music. Leeds.

eloA group of pop and rock punters voted for their fave new release as part of the Word Up West Leeds literary festival in a Juke Box Jury style journalism workshop led by TSOTA’s Rich Jevons.

Wayne Dawson writes: The Electric Light Orchestra, affectionately known as ELO, is an old classic AOR rock band, formed by Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne in the mid-70s. Their stage performances are second-to-none with an excellent light and their music is known worldwide with songs used on various films and the songs are still fresh today.

Their style is a mixture of disco meets rock, I’d personally class it as fusion rock that has a lively sound with an upbeat tempo. Their greatest hits All Over the World is an absolutely awesome album with music to cater to everyone’s taste.

Mick Walsh adds: ELO produce a pleasing rhythm with a classical taste and some Beatles influence. ELO is the most fantastic Electric Orchestra around the world!

Jay Pattison comments: I heard them in the 70s and 80s and their music makes me feel relaxed with a comfortable edge. They are very original, comparable only to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, with very strong arrangements. The songs are very catchy with a rolling tune, relaxed, spacey and telling stories on the way.

Rich Jevons observes: This has been on my playlist since the Juke Box Jury group voted it number one, with Beth Orton’s Kidsticks coming a close second. Like Wayne and Jay I enjoyed their output in its day though as a punk I had to hide the albums to the back of my collection as they were very unhip! I think the string arrangements are fantastic and the lyrics very evocative. While the vocals use synthesised effects that were well ahead of their time. This greatest hits is quite timeless and reveals both their excellent musicianship and a catchiness that brought them substantial chart success.

Rich Jevons’ Juke Box Jury took place as part of Word Up West Leeds’ literary festival and we are currently looking to continue this. Please email Rich on [email protected] to express an interest. See for more info on events at the amazing New Wortley Community Centre.